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The Lord's Passionate Lover

By´╝ÜLeslie North

Chapter 1

“Louis, is it possible for Francesca to move into the palace?” Macee asked Prince Louis as she slipped into her white dress. She was getting ready for Princess Katherine's birthday.

“Why?” he asked, as he kissed her bare shoulders.

“Just like in the olden days, when there were single ladies living at court.”

Prince Louis laughed. “You want to find her a suitor?” he asked as he buttoned up his crisp white tuxedo shirt.

“Well, yes. But, no. I really miss having my sisters around and I would like her company.” Macee was still getting used to the idea of living in the palace. There were many rules that she still wasn’t used to. She could not simply up and leave whenever she wanted. She could not invite just anyone over either, as there were now security issues. On top of that, Liane was married now and could only visit on occasion. It was not the same as living there. Francesca still lived at home and since she too had been trained with Liane for court, she was the perfect person to move into the palace if only for a little while. And maybe while she was here she’d find someone, Macee could tell Francesca was getting lonely.

“Would she want to?”

“Yes, but would she be allowed?”

“Why not?”

Macee turned to face her husband. “Your mother,” she said. Even though the drama surrounding the LeBlancs had died down, the queen was still not that keen on them.

“I can get around her, do not worry,” Prince Louis smiled at her. He picked up his bow tie and tied it on.



“You can get through her?”

“Of course.” He walked towards her and smacked her bottom causing Macee to jump. “Have you no faith, woman?” he asked her as he embraced her from behind, wrapping his arms around her. He pressed a small kiss on her neck. Macee giggled and pushed him away.

“Stop, we are due in the hall soon,” Macee admonished.

“Exactly,” he replied as he continued to kiss her neck. That gives us plenty of time.”

“This is how we got ourselves in this situation,” Macee replied dryly as she rubbed her belly. She and the Crown Prince had made love almost every night since they tore up the annulment.

Prince Louis ignored her protests and carried on kissing and touching her. He had to admit that he had never expected to be this happy in his life. When he was first betrothed to Liane, he accepted that it was an arranged marriage for political purposes, but when Liane got pregnant with his cousin’s child, he suddenly had the opportunity to choose a wife that he would love.

When Macee agreed to marry the Crown Prince, she did so grudgingly to avoid scandal for both families. She never anticipated that she would fall in love.

Macee playfully pushed him away and carried on getting dressed, but he would not be deterred. Taking her hand, he turned her around and cupped her face. Raining soft kisses across her forehead, eyes and cheeks, Macee gave in.

“So, perhaps we do have some time.”

Chuckling, the Prince captured her lips as she sighed. Walking her backwards, Macee bumped up against the bed before she slid on. Not breaking contact, he followed her, as she lay back. Kissing her chin, he continued to kiss his way down her body as Macee began to moan. It was so easy for him to ignite the fire burning inside her with only his kisses.

Rubbing her breasts through her bra, he blew warm air on her nipples as she arched her back up. Oh yes, she could definitely get used to this, she thought, as she stretched her arms out over her head. Kissing her cleavage, “I have to say that I’m enjoying the growth spurt in your breasts since you’ve been pregnant. You were beautiful before, but now, I want to touch them all the time.”

Sighing, Macee pushed against his mouth, “Well, for now, there’s no competition, but once the baby is born, you will have to wait in line.”

“Well, then,” the Prince replied. “I better get in some time now.” Slipping her bra straps off her shoulders, he kissed the top of her breasts as he rubbed her nipples with his thumbs. Working his way methodically around both breasts, he kissed every inch except for the nipples, which he continued to rub without stopping. As Macee began to pant, he could not resist adding, “And I dare say that you enjoy the attention I give them too.”

“Oh, my yes,” Macee replied breathlessly. “Please, do continue.” Laughing, the Prince licked her left nipple before deftly sucking it into his mouth, as she cried out in pleasure. “Oh, my god, Louis!” she called out as she writhed beneath him. Switching sides, Louis gave equal attention to her other nipple as he sucked and licked at it while Macee squirmed on the bed.