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The Risque Contracts Series(4)

By:Fiona Davenport

“Shhh, baby,” he soothed. “It’s okay. I’ve wanted to fuck you since the moment I saw you from across the room. I’ve dreamed about your tight little pussy more times than I can count. Plotted and planned so I could have you under me.”

I forced myself to think about every single reason I needed to tell him to stop. Focused on what would happen after he got what he wanted from me and walked away. On what it would feel like to be part of the revolving door that was his sex life. Picturing all the women who came before me, and the ones who were sure to come after, was enough to cool my desire. Gripping his wrist, I dragged his hand from my skirt and smoothed the fabric down.

He reached around me and unlocked the door. “I’ve made a more than fair offer of assistance. As much as I’d love to have you under my control for a night, I want more from you. I’m hoping you decide to work with me over the next year.”

He was letting me walk away now, but I knew I wouldn’t have long to enjoy my freedom. Not when he was forcing me to spend time with him after my body just betrayed me and told Caleb how much I wanted him.

Chapter 3


Unlocking that door was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Her body heat was pulsing, her heart racing, and when I lifted my fingers from her drenched pussy and tasted her...fuck. “Mmm, you taste incredible.” Desperate to fuck her, I barely contained myself as she shivered.

I took a deep breath and reluctantly stepped back, giving her the opportunity to escape—for the moment. I was going to have her, in one way or another, but I wanted her to make the choice.

She reached for the door handle and twisted it, the click a deafening sound in the tense silence. Her shoulders fell in defeat before she quickly straightened, becoming rigid and lifting her chin. “I’ll work with you, Mr. Sterling. But don’t expect anything beyond a professional relationship.”

Hearing her call me “Mr. Sterling” had my already erect cock hardening to the point of pain. I clenched my fists, determined not to break. “I’m pleased you’ve accepted my offer to be business partners. As for the other...we’re inevitable, Madeleine. The sooner you accept that, the easier this will be on you.”

She slowly turned to face me, her green eyes frigid, her expression resolute. “Don’t bet on it. You’ll lose.” Then, she spun around and marched from the office.

My lips curled up into a feral smile. There was little I loved more than a challenge.

Madeleine’s scent clung to me and when I got to my house later that night, I didn’t want to wash it away. Unfortunately, a freezing cold shower was the only remedy for the hard-on I was still sporting from our meeting since jacking off wasn’t going to be enough. The glass-enclosed, marble-tiled shower was big enough to fit four of me. As I stepped inside, I pictured holding Madeleine up against the wall while thrusting into her sweet pussy, or her riding me while I sat on the large bench.

Turning the water temperature to the coldest setting, I waited until my cock finally went limp, then grabbed a black, fluffy towel, and dried off. Naked, I padded to my oversized bed, crawled under the covers, and stared at the empty spot next to me, confident it wouldn’t be long without an occupant.

The following morning, I called for an afternoon staff meeting. My first order of business was to get my and Madeleine’s staff acquainted. In preparation for this merger, I’d cleared two floors in the building to move her company within walls I owned. Naturally, Madeleine’s office sat next to mine.

As our employees filed into the room, I watched the door closely. When Madeleine entered, I relaxed and felt comfort wash over me. She was wearing a sexy red dress suit that hit her just above the knees, but still showcased her long legs—legs made to circle my hips while I tugged on the soft, caramel curls flowing down her back. I grew hard and discreetly adjusted myself.

Madeleine headed for the chair at the opposite end of the table, the customary spot for the person just below me in rank. I was having none of that.

“Ms. Connelly, you will sit beside me,” I commanded.

She hesitated and my eyes narrowed in warning. With a quick glance around, she obviously decided to avoid a scene and made her way to the chair designated for her. She stiffly lowered herself next to me and primly folded her hands on the table, avoiding further eye contact.

I placed my hand firmly on her thigh, my pinky and ring finger sliding beneath her skirt and resting near her center. She jumped and tried to move her leg away, but I gripped it tight, forcing her to stay put.

I started the conference, explaining what had transpired and been agreed upon by our companies while leaving out a few details. Throughout my speech, I kept ahold of Madeleine’s leg, my fingers absently brushing her sensitive inner skin. A sweet blush had swept across her cheeks and from time to time, she squirmed, likely trying to relieve the building ache I was causing. My eyes caught hers, finding them filled with equal parts murderous intent and lust.