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The Risque Contracts Series(8)

By:Fiona Davenport

For the most part, I let her indulge in her temper, but that didn’t stop me from constantly reminding her of my presence. Over the last month, I had come to know Madeleine’s body, though not as well as I would have liked, and I was about to rectify that situation.

She was particularly sensitive on the soft skin of her inner thigh, close to the underside of her knee. I kept my hand resting firmly on top of her leg, but at an angle where my fingers could graze that area. Little goose bumps followed my touch and my impatience grew until I finally had enough. My hand traveled up her thigh and when it breached the hem, her head whipped around. It was easy to see her mind wanted to protest, but her body reacted to me like always. Her breathing escalated and I knew she was already wet.

My fingers reached her panties and brushed over the soaked fabric. I couldn’t wait to sink my cock into the tight, silky heat I’d only felt with my fingers. For the moment, I’d settle for tasting her sweet pussy. I buried my hand in her caramel tresses, palming her neck and applying pressure to bring her lips to mine. The contact elicited a moan from both of us as electricity sparked between us and started to burn.

Her mouth slightly parted, she breathed out a sound of passion. I took full advantage, licking her lips and plunging my tongue inside. She melted, but the armrest between our seats kept her from molding her body to mine. Unacceptable.

I removed our seatbelts and lifted the barrier without breaking our kiss. With the obstruction gone, her arms went around my shoulders and I felt her hardened nipples as she pressed her chest against mine. It still wasn’t enough. Grasping her hips with both hands, I lifted, intent on moving her onto my lap. Her leg immediately swung out, settling on my other side until she was straddling me. Our groins met and even through our layers of clothes, I could feel how wet she was.

Fuck, I needed to taste her. With my hand now on her perfect ass, I held her tight and shoved to my feet, moving toward the back of the plane. Her legs encircled my waist, keeping the connection at our center. My mouth descended, gliding along her jaw and down her neck. Licking and sucking, leaving little love bites, marking her.

“Caleb,” she breathed, her voice full of yearning. I vaguely worried my cock was going to tear through my pants, desperate to be inside her. Honestly, I couldn’t blame the poor bastard. Reaching my destination, I pivoted and backed through the door, utterly relieved to lower us onto the big bed a few steps from the entrance.

Settling snugly between her thighs, I intended to explore every inch of her body. I returned to her mouth while my fingers deftly undid the buttons of her pink jacket. She wore these sexy little suits every day and they plagued me with thoughts of what was underneath.

When the last button was released, I lifted back a little and groaned at the sight of a sheer, white camisole. I could see right through it, her magnificent tits practically overflowing from her white, lacey bra.

“You are so fucking beautiful, baby,” I whispered with a bit of awe. My mouth watered and I decided I couldn’t wait. I clutched the top of the shirt and tore it down the middle, popping the front clasp of her bra on the way, thinking I should thank whoever invented that later. Her breasts spilled from the fabric as it fell away and I wasted no time taking one rosy bud into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around it and sucking, she squirmed and moaned with desire.

I could spend all day feasting on her round, creamy globes with their sweet, pink tips, but I was hungry for something else. While giving her other tit the same attention, I rocked my aching dick into her center—priming her, making her wetter, getting her ready for me.

She cried out and gripped my shoulders, her nails digging into my skin. It felt fucking fantastic, the bite of pain mixed with pleasure. I removed her panties as I kissed and licked my way to settle my head at the apex of her thighs. I pushed them wide, opened the lips of her pussy with my thumbs, and stared at the pink perfection on display, the hard little bundle of nerves begging for my attention.

“Your pussy is gorgeous, baby. Soaking wet and so needy. I can’t fucking wait to feel you fall apart on my tongue.”

The first long lick from bottom to top had her flavor exploding on my tongue. It was even sweeter than it had been on my fingers. I was instantly addicted and dove in to eat her with vigor. Nibbling, sucking, and a bite here and there—I worked her, listening to her cries, until she was begging me to let her come.

“Caleb, stop fucking around. I can’t take any—oh! Oh, fuck!”

Deciding I’d teased her enough, I thrust my tongue into her tight little hole, feeling the walls clench, her body shaking with need.