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Trailer Trash(107)

By:Marie Sexton

“It’s like we’re living in a park.” He didn’t think he could have loved it more if it’d been a mansion.

“There’s a swimming pool too,” Nate told him as they climbed out of the Mustang.

“Are the people cool?”

“The ones I’ve met so far, yeah. The guys right across from us are a couple too. I mean, they’re way older than us, like in their fifties maybe, but at least we don’t have to worry about them being assholes, right?” He took Cody’s hand and led him up three flights of stairs. “This is us. Building B, apartment 413. I don’t have much furniture yet . . .”

Cody didn’t care. He just wanted Nate to stop talking and open the damn door. He didn’t even look around once they were inside. The door was barely even closed before he was in Nate’s arms.

He should have been tired after such a long drive, but all he could think about was how good it felt to be here, in their apartment, their space, in a town where nobody knew him or his mother or his past, so far from Wyoming, the wind was nothing but a playful breeze.

“I can’t believe I’m actually here.”

“And before July first, even.” Nate rubbed his back, holding Cody tight. “So, uh . . . this is probably a dumb question, but you didn’t go to prom, did you?”

“Ha!” Cody stepped back just enough to meet Nate’s eyes. “What do you think?”

“Neither did I, and I know you’ll think it’s silly, but . . . I thought maybe we could have a prom of our own tonight.”

“Like on Valentine’s Day?”

“Yes. Only better. I thought we’d go out to dinner first, then come back here. Turn on the music. Maybe light some candles. Dance for a bit. And after that—”

“Yes,” Cody laughed, guiding Nate’s lips down to meet his. He was pretty sure he already knew what came after the dancing. “I say yes.”