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Undercover Love(6)

By:Lucy Score

His voice literally gave her goose bumps. They sprang up on every inch of her flesh.

Ashley cleared her throat again and looked up. “Can I appeal?”

He shook his head and held out a hand to her. “No appeals. Just a one-on-one game.”

“Game of what?” Ashley asked breathlessly as he tugged her to her feet.

He raised an eyebrow. “Racquetball.” He closed a hand over the racquet in her grip. “This one is mine.”

Jason agreed to even the playing field by taking off his shoes. He loosened his tie and ditched the jacket, too.

Ashley forgot the strangeness of the situation and gave herself up to the competition. They volleyed back and forth easily to warm up. Soon the serves became harder and the returns more spirited. He moved with a surprising grace, but there was power, too, as he prowled the court.

He wasn’t holding back and he played a little dirty, Ashley noted as he purposely stepped in her way to block her swing. She tromped on his foot as she hustled past him.

Her dress didn’t give her a lot of freedom, but she was able to move with the skirt hiked up. Between points she tugged her top up and cursed her strapless bra for not being more supportive.

“20 serving 19. Game point.”

Ashley was sweating and trying to hide the fact that she was panting. Jason swiped at his brow. At least he must be half human.

“Are you ready to lose?” He smirked at her as he bounced the ball.

The cocky bastard.

Ashley’s eyes narrowed and she snorted her disdain.

She won the serve and the next two points.

“21 serving 20!” She tossed him a haughty look over her shoulder. “Game point!”

He gave her another smoldering look. She couldn’t decide if he looked as though he wanted to eat her or something even scarier.

The serve was a perfect shot. She angled it just right so when the ball bounced behind the line it took an awkward spin and Jason sprinted for the sidewall. His underpowered backhand sent the ball slowly arcing toward the front wall.

It began to dip and Ashley couldn’t tell if it was going to hit wall or floor first. She charged forward and made it just in time as the ball dinked against the very bottom of the front wall. Swooping as low as she could she tapped the ball lightly.

She could hear him coming up behind her and didn’t bother to get out of the way. Ashley watched in slow motion as the ball bounced off the front wall and hit the floor, and she was hit from behind by a very warm, very solid body.

He saved them both from plastering their faces against the wall. Pinned between him and the wall, Ashley became aware of the arm banded around her just under her breasts.

She could feel every inch of him against her. He was so tall, but with his head tilted down to her, his breath was hot against her ear. Both of them were struggling to catch their breath. Ashley wasn’t sure if it was because she was overexerted or overexcited.

“Game,” she huffed out, leaning her head against his shoulder.

“You got in my way,” he said, not moving a muscle.

“Prove it.”

“I’m a little distracted right now.” His voice was ragged and his hand tightened around her waist.

Ashley looked down.

The dress had given up its valiant fight. The precarious straps had slipped from her shoulders and now displayed her breasts. Her nipples weren’t quite covered by the purple and black lace strapless bra. And with every breath she took, everything heaved up and down.

Oh my God.

Ashley felt the flush creeping over her face and down her neck. Her boobs were probably blushing, too. Her hands were pinned between her body and the wall and she couldn’t move to pull the dress back in place.

“Well this is awkward,” she muttered, shifting back against him to get some space from the wall. He resisted for a moment and then backed up a pace.

“I’ve never seen that happen on a racquetball court before. And I’ve never cared less about losing either.”

Keeping her back to him, Ashley hiked up her bra and dress. “Really? It happens to me all the time.” She hoped the sarcasm masked some of the humiliation.

“We should really spend more time together.”

Ashley turned to face him. He was actually smiling. A real, full-on grin. Goose bumps rushed to mingle with the blush and she felt her own lips quirk.

“OK, so what do I have to pay you to make sure this story is never, ever repeated outside these walls?”

“Our secret is safe,” he promised and led the way off the court. He handed her another towel and took one for himself before grabbing a water bottle from the mini fridge.

“This is quite the setup.” Ashley glanced around at the small room. Shiny lockers adorned one wall and there was a bench under another window looking into the court.