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Victoria’s Secret Wish

By:Piper Denna

Victoria’s Secret Wish

By Piper Denna

Chapter 1

Come join our crew!

We’re searching for uninhibited personnel to fill select crew positions on our maiden voyage, and subsequent cruises. Qualified applicants needed for all types of fetishes and scenarios, both mixed- and same-gender, adults of all ages, all races. Crew staff will be eligible for cumulative discounts to be applied toward a future Fantasies, Inc. cruise.

Many of our privileged passengers have fantasies involving staff members, instead of or in addition to other erotic wishes. In return for your “services” eight hours per day, you’ll receive free passage on today’s most exclusive cruise liner, room, meals and drinks, and access to the crew-only Sweet Spot Lounge–where anything goes. Eager personnel can expect not only gratification, but tips in many forms…

Fantasy Crews make for Fantasy Cruises.

Please fill out the form below, and a discreet Human Resources Casting Expert will contact you shortly.

Thanks for your interest,

Fantasies, Inc.–Cruise Division

Where fulfillment is on your horizon

Victoria clicked the Save button and stretched her arms behind her head.

“Ah. Now see, that’s what I’m talking about.” Brett’s voice carried from the doorway between their offices. “Reason Number Seven Hundred-fifty why you should work in the buff.”

She rolled her eyes and pulled her arms down to her sides. Though fully clothed, the idea of baring herself in her office made her cheeks burn. God knew Britt had gotten her naked there and in his adjoining one enough times, but they’d been in the heat of passion, definitely not taking care of serious business. “You’re a sex fiend.”

“Only for you, love.” He wandered behind her, then leaned in to look over the text on her screen. “Hmm. Think we’ll attract a bunch of horny cocktail waitresses and bellmen, then?”

“God, I hope so.” She used extras at Fantasy Mountain, but they were unpaid, willing participants. If she’d registered her ship in the Netherlands, prostitution on it would be legal, but she’d rather avoid the public hoopla that would cause and process volunteers. “Bringing in people with their own fantasies will make it lots fresher, and not all of the staff will be newbies, so service shouldn’t suffer. Especially with the orientation and training we have planned.”

He twined his fingers in a loose curl over her ear. “Maybe we should handpick a bellman to come and service you during the maiden voyage.”

She shrugged away from his hand. “Why, are you already tired of doing it? We’ve barely been married a year. Slacker.”

“Would you like it, though?” He leaned closer. “I know you’ve got to have some fantasies of your own running round that wild brain of yours.” His lips tickled her ear. “Maybe more than one bloke?”

“You Europeans and all your crazy ideas! Married people don’t do that sort of thing.”

His low, sexy laugh gave her goosebumps, starting at her ear and running down her arms. “While I adore our monogamy, Vic, I’ll not deny it’d turn me on to see you cut loose with a fantasy or two of your own. At least admit to having one.”

How’d he manage to guess the truth? Well, she just wouldn’t think about it. They didn’t have time, and besides, it was just…wrong.

“After all,” he whispered, his breath in her ear causing her to shrug again. “It’s our marriage, and we can bloody well do what we want with it.”

“What I want today is to go downstairs and work out. Yogi has me scheduled in twenty minutes. You in?”

“Not for bloody yoga,” he grumbled. “But I’d probably better hit the weights.” His biceps flexed as he spoke. Poor Britt was predisposed toward being thin, and really had to work at keeping those muscles. Fine job he did with them, though. “Shower back up here at the apartment?”

“Yes, and then it’s your night to cook.”

“Which means, I’m afraid, we’ll be ordering in.”

She’d already guessed as much, since he hadn’t ordered them any groceries. “When and if I ever conceive, the poor kid is going to come out half-baked from only eating off the carryout menu.”

“Don’t say if. Of course we’ll conceive. And have a high time trying, right?” Cupping her breasts, he honed in on her nipples, rubbing them through layers of blouse and bra.

But what if they didn’t? What if she was damaged and could not conceive? What then? No mother in the world would let them adopt her baby, knowing they ran Fantasy Mountain–the hottest ticket in adult entertainment, but something of a black mark for prospective parents. Didn’t matter that they planned to move off-site when the baby came; to the rest of the world she was the Queen of Kink. Not Mommy Material.