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Waking Up Married

By:Mira Lyn Kelly


FORCED TO LISTEN to one heaving revolt after another     reverberate off the polished marble, Connor Reed cursed his conscience.

Talk about an inconvenient burden. No matter how his stomach     rocked and his head slammed, there was no way he could make a bolt for the     beckoning doorway to freedom at the far wall.

Wrenching his gaze back to his own slightly green reflection,     he turned off the tap and wrung out a towel. Pushed some empathy into his     expression and prepared to face the music.

“Hey, gorgeous,” he called, crossing over to the pitiful     creature half leaning into, half clutching the toilet in front of her. “Feeling     any better?”

Raccoon eyes peered out from beneath a blond rat’s nest as she     reached for the damp cloth he held in offering. “Carter—”

“Connor,” he corrected drily, torn between amusement and what,     by all rights, ought to be the very antithesis of it.

“We need a lawyer,” she gasped, barely finding the time to look     chagrined before the next wave of revolt took her.

A lawyer. Not exactly a stellar kickoff to their honeymoon. But     then, this wasn’t exactly a stellar situation to begin with. Of course, in the     less than fifteen minutes since the warm body sprawled beside him had     moaned—once, and not in a good way—then lurched from the bed to the bathroom, he     hadn’t quite put all the soggy pieces of the night before into place. But based     on the shocking evidence at hand—or more specifically, finger...and the band of     glinting diamonds encircling hers—this was the worst-case scenario come to life.     Cutting loose gone bad. Consequences in action. Yeah, in all likelihood, this     was going to be a major hassle to clean up.

So a lawyer sounded like an ideal place to start. Once the     upchuck portion of the morning concluded, at any rate.

“One thing at a time, babe. Let’s get through this, and we’ll     worry about the rest later.”

Whatever her choked response was, he got the gist it was an     agreement of sorts.

Damn, what a disaster.

Rubbing a hand over the back of his neck, Connor gave his     blanching bride a not-so-subtle once-over.

Twelve hours ago she’d been “authentic” with her sharp wit and     gently rough edges. Her too-wide smile, assortment of freckles and sexy laugh.     Now, with her hair threatening to dip into God only knew, she just     looked...rough. No gentle about it.

Still, even as he stared at the hot mess she was before him,     fragmented images bombarded his mind with hints of who she’d been the night     before. The girl-next-door giving in to a bit of wild. The perfect fit for his     bad-boy mood. He’d thought she looked like a few hours of fun.

So how the hell had she ended up flipped over his shoulder,     giggling about how crazy he was, as he toted her into one of those all-night     chapels Las Vegas was famous for?

Megan turned, giving him a full-on frontal view of the     too-tight, hot-pink T-shirt she’d been wearing when he’d stumbled into the     bathroom after her.

Stamped across her bust in black block letters were two words:         GOT SPERM?

Oh, right. That was how.


* * *

What had she been     thinking!

Megan peered up at the darkening scowl across Carter’s—no—Connor’s face and then down at what was probably a     combined ten carats of diamonds adorning the fourth finger of her left     hand...and heaved into the bowl again.

She’d had sex. With a stranger. Someone she maintained only the     foggiest recollection of meeting. And then...she’d gone and married him.

Or maybe they’d waited...going the more traditional route and     saving themselves for after the wedding. So it would be special.


So incredibly special the only     detail of the entire consummation she remembered was the soft rub of fabric     between her thighs, the heady weight of him above her and her intense     frustration in getting her toe caught in his belt loop while trying to wrestle     his tie loose.

And now, here she was on her knees, hurling her lungs out while     this man, essentially a stranger, bore witness to one of the most intimate     unpleasantnesses a person could endure. She wished he’d left when she’d told him     to. But he’d stayed to make sure she was okay...like the good husband he     was.