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Waking Up Married(10)

By:Mira Lyn Kelly

“Connor.” What the hell was he doing?

Her eyes lifted slowly, following the line of his arm, across     his shoulder, to the top of his tie and then his mouth.

Did she have any idea how seductive those few beats of time     were when he could all but see her mind working through the possibilities of     where her gaze lingered.

This woman was hot. And sweet. And smart. And funny.

And she was staring at his mouth like it looked better than     vanilla vodka and white-chocolate liqueur.

Like maybe, after all, she might want a taste.

Or even more.

Another beat and her eyes met his.

“Connor,” she corrected, the good judgment wrestling in those     blue pools, barely holding out against temptation.

Damn, he liked the way she said his name. Especially when she     got it right.

He had an excellent idea for helping her remember too.

Repetition. And positive reinforcement—the breathless, moaning,     pleading kind.

Hours of it.

He could push—turn on the seduction and he’d have her.

This flirtation he’d been playing at was nothing. For every     easy compliment, he’d kept a physical space between them. For every suggestive     line, he’d avoided eye contact. Because he’d known—had a sense about what could     be between them, and he’d steered clear of it. Only, now...he wanted more.

Shaking his head, he glared at the half-empty glass on the     counter beside them. Your fault.

Pushing those thoughts aside, he put the arm’s length back     between them, the easy smile. The just-for-fun.

Moments later they were outside in the night air, surrounded by     the bright lights, the drifting foot traffic and steady stream of cars. “You     just cracked two machines in a row. We ought to head back to the casino and find     you a real jackpot. Or would you like to try something different, like     roulette?”

A deep sigh left her pretty mouth. “I don’t think so. For     someone who doesn’t win very often, I’m happy to be coming out ahead the way I     am. I don’t want to push my luck.”

“Something else in mind?” he asked. But he already knew, having     seen the flash of resignation in her eyes.


He didn’t want the night to end, but she had a plan, after all.     He respected her for it. Admired the sense of priority, forethought and     commitment she’d put into it. Hell, that plan was probably half her appeal.

“I’ve had a really good time tonight.” Megan shifted in front     of him, her gaze skating away as her fingers slid down the lapels of his suit     jacket, to where they idly played with the top button.

“Me too. Of course, this is Vegas. It’s still early.”

Her eyes pulled back to his, flickering only once to his mouth.     “Early morning.”

And then her shoulders were straightening, her features falling     into an altogether too-polite expression. “And I’ve got a big day ahead of     me.”

“Big day of attending.”

“Yes. And making up elaborate lies about our night together.”     This time her grin was pure imp. “Give Jodie and Tina something juicier to chew     on than each other.”

“Wow, you’re going to lie about me?” he asked, settling his     hand at the small of her back as they approached the curb in search of a cab.     “I’m flattered.”

Nothing available, but one would come along any minute.

Megan shot him a wry smile. “Actually, probably not. I want to.     It would be so great. But lying gives me hives. Even for a good cause like     keeping the peace at my cousin’s wedding, I’m not sure I’d be able to do     it.”

“So you’re one of those perpetually honest types?” he asked as     they walked in the direction of the casino where they were staying.

“Pretty much. Not always convenient. But I guess it keeps me     out of trouble most times.”

Uh-huh, but if she didn’t stop worrying that sexy bottom lip     between her teeth—nothing would keep her out of the trouble he had in mind.

Only, then she noticed the way he was watching her, and looked     away.

He didn’t want to lose her attention. Not yet. “With women like     Tina and Jodie, I’m thinking not saying anything at all would be as effective as     telling them what a stallion I am—which, incidentally, is one hundred percent     accurate. Leave them to stew in their curiosity. Speculate to their hearts’     content. And give them nothing.”