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Waking Up Married(13)

By:Mira Lyn Kelly

Their agendas were simply too well aligned to ignore. The     timing too right. The practical approach too perfect. And she’d been like-minded     enough to see it and agree.

Megan fit him to a T, so he wasn’t prepared to admit he’d made     a mistake. Not yet anyway. Though he supposed the next few minutes would be     fairly telling on that count. A bout of hysterics, for instance, would most     definitely have him reconsidering his stance.

The lock released with a loud click and Connor steeled his gut     for what came next. Only, somehow the sight of Megan, towel dried, freshly     scrubbed and swimming in a thick, oatmeal robe as she tentatively pushed a damp     tendril from her brow, was something he had no defense against.

She was beautiful.

And the steady way she met his eyes proved she wasn’t a     meltdown in progress. Though taking the rest of her body language into     account—the crossed arms, one hand securing the overlap of panels high at her     neck and the other wrapped tight around her waist—suggested she wasn’t quite     ready to pick up where they’d left off the night before. She looked cautious.     Alert. And cool.

She looked strong, and it had his     pulse jacking as much as the sight of those sexy little pink toenails peeking     out from beneath the hem of her oversize robe.

“Feeling better?” he asked, planting a shoulder against the     sliding door rather than giving in to the urge to get closer. He wanted her     comfortable. As quickly as he could make it happen.

“Yes, thank you.” Clearing her throat quietly, she glanced     briefly around before returning her attention to him. “I needed that. Needed a     few minutes to get my thoughts together. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting out     here, though.”

Conscientious. Nice. “Not a     problem. It’s been an interesting morning, and it started off a little faster     than I think either one of us expected.”

Her brows lifted as she drew a long breath. “It did, but     considering our situation, that’s probably for the best. We’ve got a lot to     cover in a short time.”

And then before he had a chance to ask, that steady gaze filled     with purpose and her thumb popped up like a bullet point as she began.

“So, we’ll both need a lawyer to navigate the legalities     involved in granting an annulment. But I’d be willing to bet the front desk has     at least some cursory information available about the process, this being Vegas     and all. I’ll ask when I run down to make copies of whatever documentation we     got from the...chapel?”

Connor offered a short nod, his frown deepening as she ticked     off to-dos with her fingers.

Independent. He admired it...but     she was working in the wrong direction. Megan had made it to four before he’d     pushed off the wall and caught her slender hand in his own. “Hey, slow down a     second.”

Her breath caught and her eyes went wide. “The fourth was     this,” she said, her voice coming quieter as she wiggled the offending digit in     his grasp. “Your ring. I was afraid to take it off until I could give it back to     you.”

Connor’s brow furrowed as she began to slide the     platinum-and-diamond-set band free.

“Wait. Let me look at it on your hand.”

Her gaze lifted to his, questioning and wary.

“It looks good on you.” Worth every considerable grand he’d     sunk into it the night before.

Megan nodded, the corner of her mouth curving in quiet     appreciation. “The most stunning ring I’ve ever seen. I wish I could remember     more than how incredibly it sparkled beneath the fluorescent lights in the     wedding-chapel bathroom.”

Connor let out a low chuckle, playing with the band where it     sat on her finger. And then stopped, suddenly not finding her words funny at     all.

Staring down at the little crease working its way between her     brows, he asked, “Megan, you don’t remember me buying you this ring?”

She swallowed, and the crease deepened. “You can’t even imagine     how much I wish I did. But no. I don’t actually—” Seeming to think better of it,     she cut off her words with a shake of her head. “It doesn’t matter.”