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Waking Up Married(6)

By:Mira Lyn Kelly

She nodded, releasing a deep breath. “I noticed you were about     to leave. And I’d be more grateful than you could imagine if you wouldn’t mind     walking out with me. So it looks like we’re leaving together.”

Right. “Just looks like we’re     leaving together?”

Again her wide smile flashed, and Connor saw shades of         girl-next-door. Not usually his type, but for     whatever reason, there was something about the look of this one...

“Yes. My...friends saw me notice you earlier and...well...and     you don’t even want to know what it’s been like since. I told them I’d come over     and see if you were interested because I want them off my back. But I can tell     from looking at you, that I’m not the kind of woman you’d be interested     in...which is, actually, the only reason I decided to come over. I’d love to get     out of here without them following me for the rest of the night.”

She’d been checking him out, eh?

Well, fair being fair, he gave his eyes the go-ahead to run the     length of her and back, spending more time along the way than he’d done in his     first casual glance. Very, very nice. Even with her scolding finger wagging at     him on the return trip.

“None of that. You’re handsome, but I’m honestly working an     escape strategy here.”

He shifted, the smile he hadn’t quite let loose earlier     breaking free with the realization she was serious. Glancing past her, he noted     her friends blatantly staring back.


She shrugged delicately. “So far as I can tell, subtle isn’t     really their thing.”

He raised a brow. “So far as you can         tell? What kind of friends are they?”

“The kind on loan until our bridesmaids’ obligations have been     fulfilled, sometime before dawn on Sunday. I hope. They’re my cousin’s best     friends from kindergarten.”

Ah. “And they’ve taken an interest in your love life     because....?”

Her nose wrinkled up as she scanned the ceiling. “Any chance     you might just walk me out of here?”

Connor eased back into his chair, pulling out the seat Jeff had     vacated with his foot. “Not if you want it to look convincing. I’ll walk you out     of here...in ten minutes.”

The skeptical look said she’d figured out he was thinking about     more than the next ten minutes.

As different as she was from the women he usually pursued, she     looked as if she really might be exactly the kind of fun this night called     for.

The kind who didn’t generally hook up with strangers. The     corruptible kind, he thought, feeling less apathetic by the second.

“Ten minutes. We’ll talk. Flirt. You can touch my arm once or     twice to really sell it. Maybe I’ll tuck some wayward strand of hair behind your     ear. Your voyeuristic friends will gobble it up. Then I’ll lean in close to your     ear and suggest we get out of here. Maybe do it in a way that has you blushing     all the way to your roots. You’ll get flustered and shy, but let me take your     hand anyway. And we’ll go.”

The look on her face was priceless. As though he’d gotten to     her with this bit of scripted tripe.

“That’s...um...” She swallowed, her gaze darting around,     landing on his mouth and lingering briefly before snapping back to his eyes.     “More of an investment than I was really asking for.”

“The better for you.”

“Yeah, but what’s in it for you?”

Connor flashed a wolfish smile. “Ten minutes to convince you to     give me twenty. We’ll see where it goes from there.”

The slight shake of her head had his focus honing and his     critical skills tuning up. Man, he’d been thinking how much he might like to see     her girl-next-door smile turn sultry, but now here she was making him work for     her too? It didn’t get better.

“I should probably go. I’m not a casual-encounter kind of girl.     And even if you were looking for something more than casual, I still wouldn’t be     interested.”