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Waking Up Married(8)

By:Mira Lyn Kelly

Connor had been right. This was what she’d needed.

The palm of his hand settled lightly at the small of her back     as he guided her toward an outcropping of slots. “I don’t know, Megan. Seems for     a decision this big, you want to consider every option before dismissing it out     of hand.”

“Maybe you’re right.” Then giving in to the impish grin tugging     at her lips, she waved vaguely at the men around her. “And there are plenty of         options to consider.”

Connor shook his head. “If you’re looking for a guy to close     the deal, I’d steer clear of the slots,” he offered, totally deadpan. “Nothing     says compensation issues like a man clinging too     closely to a twelve-inch rod of metal.”

It took more than she’d thought she had to do it, but once     Megan reined in her laughter, she pulled a mock scowl. “Seriously, how long have     we known each other—and you think I’d hit the slots?”

This time it was Connor cracking the half smile that seemed his     equivalent to a full-on belly laugh. “Right, I should have had more faith.”

She nodded, scanning the casino floor. “Roulette tables are     where all the quality swimmers hang out.”

Another wry twist of lips. “I’m forced to disagree with you.     Any guy lingering around a game based solely on luck is delusional. Probably     believes in Santa and fairies. Doesn’t bode well for mental stability. You want     the probability of psychosis spiraling through Junioretta’s double helix?”

Another stifled giggle. “No, definitely not. How could I have     been so off base?”

“Sometimes I wonder about you.”

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had so much fun.     Couldn’t remember a guy she’d been so instantly at ease with. Of course, that     last bit probably had more to do with knowing this wasn’t leading anywhere.     Which took the pressure off tremendously. She could simply enjoy the attention     of this incredibly attractive, charming man without worrying     about...anything.

“Blackjack, then?”

They’d made it halfway across the floor when Connor caught a     passing waitress, giving her their order before returning his attention to     Megan. “Also delusional. He thinks he’s in control when it’s a game of chance.     Unless he’s counting...and then you have a criminal element to consider.”

Playing devil’s advocate, she asked, “But wouldn’t counting     suggest a higher level of intelligence?”

“So you’re a single mom, strapped from the cost of the private     academy his ‘genius’ demands. How much time are you going to have for all those     trips to visit little Buster in juvie?”

Megan let out her best indignant cough. “You’re implying my     baby is going to be some kind of delinquent?”

One oh-so-arrogant brow shot high. Sexy and confident. “Not if     you play your cards right.”

“Fine, fine.” She laughed, wiping the tears at the corners of     her eyes with the backs of her thumbs. “So we’ve been through the slots,     roulette and blackjack. If none of those are right, then what—offtrack     betting?”

Connor drew to a stop, turning to consider her more closely     than the question called for. Closely enough she could feel her body respond to     the touch of his eyes at every point of contact. His smile was pure arrogance as     he answered, “You want to win the genetic jackpot, then skip the pit stop at     Gamblers Anonymous altogether. Obviously your best bet is me.”

* * *

Megan laughed,     head thrown back, eyes closed, and the sound of it hit him right in the     center of the chest. And when those big blue eyes blinked back at him, her     cheeks a rosy red, the hot rush and warm pull of attraction firing through his     body nearly knocked the reason right out of him.

Fortunately, she didn’t seem to notice as she turned to accept     her cocktail from the approaching waitress. “In the nick of time. I’ll     definitely need another drink before I buy into that one.”