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Wanted By The Devil(10)

By:Joanna Blake

Kaylie smiled to herself, wondering how Devlin would react to seeing her in her bikini. It was a little small on her truth be told. After all, the last time she'd had need of a bikini she'd been 15 years old and working at a summer camp during the day. She had definitely filled in since then. A lot.

But the lake looked inviting on such a warm day. It had been ages since she’d gone swimming. Besides, it would be extremely interesting to see if Devlin liked what he saw… She decided that she might as well go for it before she lost her nerve. She pulled her top off over her head in a fluid motion and got to her feet.

"What are you-"

"Swimming silly. Don't you want to come?"

She shimmied her cut off shorts down over her hips and smiled over her shoulder at him. The poor man looked thunderstruck as she laughed and ran towards the water. She'd never seen him looking anything but self assured. She doubted anyone ever had. He was the one sitting on the throne after all. He'd been born and bred to lead. He'd been the President since coming of age five years ago. Everyone knew that.

She ran into the water and dove in, ignoring the hooting and hollering all around her. The crowd of bikers had gone crazy as she dashed toward the sand, turning her cheeks bright pink. She came up gasping for air from the sudden chill. The water was way colder than she'd expected it to be! All the sudden she felt arms close around her and turned, sputtering with indignation.

Devlin smiled down at her, his wet hair curling over his forehead.

"You didn't think I was going to let you go in by yourself looking like that did you?"

She smiled at him.

"A lot of the girls are wearing bikinis."

He smiled and lifted her up before tossing her into the water a few feet away. She grabbed his ankle playfully under the water until he yanked her up into his arms again.

"Yeah but not one of them looks even remotely like you do. Jesus woman!"

"You're the one who told me to wear a bikini."

"I'm a genius."

"Well, you are smarter than you look…"

He growled at her as she pushed off and swam deeper from the shore. They didn't notice the eyes watching them from across the lake.


Dani was pouting as she watching Devlin and his new tramp frollicking in the water. He’d never acted that way with her. All he’d done was crook his finger when he wanted to fool around and pretty much ignored her the rest of the time.

But oh my, he’d been amazing in bed. She’d had plenty of guys before and since of course. None had come even close to matching Dev. Damn him and his sudden interest in relationships.

She’d known this was coming of course. Everyone had known that Devlin had a special lady in mind and was waiting until she was of age. But she hadn’t imagined the hot slice of jealousy that would rip through her guts at the sight of them together.

Why hadn’t he been that way with her?

“What’d you want to see me about Dani?”

She turned at the sound of Officer Grant’s gravelly voice behind her. She flared her eyes at him coquettishly and he narrowed his, looking her over.

He’d asked her out before so she knew he liked what he saw. So far she had yet to give into his attentions.

“You’re always saying how you wanted to put him away. Well, so do I.”

“Oh really? How the tides have turned.”

“Office Grant I have always been on the right side of the law!”

He grinned and stepped forward, grabbing her hips.

“I’d rather have you under it.”

She giggled nervously. He was a little bit too aggressive for her taste. But if she had to give in to get what she wanted, so be it.

“That can be arranged.”

He grunted and kissed her mouth hard. Then he lifted his head up and looked around making sure nobody could see them. He grabbed her hand and yanked her back towards a copse of trees and bushes.

Oh crap.

Dani’s plan was to cause Devlin and his new hussy some trouble. Not to get mauled by Officer Friendly in the bushes. The last thing she needed was to get poison ivy on her ass.

“Um… Grant? What is your plan exactly?”

He turned once they were screened from the rest of the camp grounds and grinned at her, reaching for his belt buckle.

“I thought we’d kill two birds with one stone.”

“Two birds?”

He nodded, his hands moving to his shirt buttons. Once they were undone, he reached for her.

“Uh huh. One bird is getting me laid. The other bird is getting Dev thrown in jail. And you’re going to help me with that. Don’t scream if I get a little rough. It’s just for effect. Your job is make sure someone sees you guys together later tonight.”

Her eyes widened as she took in his meaning. He ripped her shirt off, scratching her skin. Dani had to bite her lip to keep from whimpering as he forced her onto the ground.