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Wanted By The Devil(11)

By:Joanna Blake


Devlin was letting himself be led around the State Fair like a dog on a leash, but he didn't care. Kaylie's enthusiasm for the carnival was contagious. He realized he'd been smiling non stop while his woman dragged him onto various rides and fed him little bits of cotton candy.

Until he'd noticed her. The girl with long blond hair was following them.


A couple of years ago he'd had a thing with Dani. Nothing serious, just fooled around a couple of times. She was a good looking girl but her attitude was always out of control and her mood swings made her not a lot of fun to be around. She was the younger sister of one of the club's old lady's so he couldn't just ignore her until she went away when he was done with her like he usually did with women. He'd had to sit down and have a talk with her about why it wasn't going to work out.

Hell, they'd just been kids. It was never going to 'work out' for them anyway. But Dani hadn't taken it well. And she hadn't given up hope. He'd never had a girlfriend in all the time since. Lots of girls had helped him pass the time but never for long. She hadn't much liked any of those girls either.

But this was different. He wouldn't let her intimidate his woman, or ruin even a second of her celebration today. Kaylie had already mentioned a blond girl staring at her. It would not make her happy if she found out Dani was his ex, or that she'd been trailing them all night. He would do anything to protect Kaylie, even if he had to tell Dani to back off and risk offending Bruce and his old lady Janine.

It didn't make sense though. Dani had to have known about Kaylie for a while now, everyone in the club did. He'd been having the guys look after her for so long now, it was hardly a secret what his intentions were. So acting surprised and jealous seemed way out of line. But there Dani was, stalking them like a jealous exgirlfriend. Which she hadn't been. Not really. He frowned as he followed Kaylie into the fun house, catching a flash of blond hair behind them. He could tell she’d been crying.

Damn it.

Thankfully Jack and Donahue were with them at the moment. He jerked his head backwards and whispered.

"Get rid of her."

Jack was gone in an instant, leaving Donahue to trail them through the fun house. Kaylie was laughing as a clown jumped out at them. He slipped his arm around her and used the scare as an opportunity to kiss her neck.

Hmmmm… he was going to have a hard time waiting to take her. Even if he knew he'd have her in his bed within the hour, it would be a painful wait. But he had promised himself (and her mother in less explicit terms) that he wouldn't take her for at least a week. She deserved that at the very least. She was a complete innocent as far as he could tell. He had to make sure that she was sure before he convinced her to lay down with him. That part would be easy. Getting his body to hold off for release was something else entirely.

He could ease into it though, take things a bit farther every night. He grinned at the thought, planning explicitly what he would do each night, and where. Only five more nights to go.


Kaylie inhaled as Devlin's hand closed over her breast. They were on the swing in the playground across the street from her house, hidden from view from the high fence. They'd been kissing for a half hour at least when he started sliding his hands over her body, getting more and more intimate with each pass.

She was surprisingly relaxed about kissing Devlin. He still made her head spin, but she wasn't terrified of doing it wrong, like she had been the first few times. She swirled her tongue against his playfully, eliciting a low growl from his throat. She was starting to get used to his sounds. He made the sexiest little noises when he was kissing her. And now that his hands were wandering his breathing was getting raspy.

His hand disappeared and a finger replaced it, tracing the outline of her nipple which was poking through her bikini and thin cotton top. Her sweater must have fallen off… or more likely, he had pushed it off to get better access to her. A strange feeling was coursing through her body, centering in between her legs. This was more intense than the other times. He wasn't being playful now. He was serious.

She gasped as he pinched her nipple lightly. He laughed throatily, resting his forehead on hers.

"Oh so you like that do you?"

She didn't trust herself to speak while he traced the collar of her blouse, dipping his finger inside to pull on her bikini strap. His other hand reached around her and pulled her tightly against him. Against the burning heat of his erection.

Oh god...

He pulled her top down and to the side, then pushed the triangle of her bikini top covering her breast aside. Suddenly she was completely bare to him. He moaned and lowered his head to her chest, suckling her nipple lightly.