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Wanted By The Devil(5)

By:Joanna Blake

Not too much longer though. The bulge in his pants was already becoming uncomfortable. Better to stop for now. They had time. If he had his way about it, she'd be available to him every night from here on out.


He gritted his teeth and lifted his head. He'd stopped sleeping with the girls who hung around the club a few weeks ago, knowing that it was almost time to make his move with her. She was the sort of woman that you didn't mind giving up cheap thrills for. Besides, he had a feeling there were plenty of thrills ahead. For both of them.

"I better take you home now. Don't want to worry mama."


She nodded, ashamed to admit to herself that she didn't want to leave. Didn't want him to stop kissing her, touching her, maybe even more. She'd forgotten completely about the time. She glanced at her watch and gasped. He was right. Her mom was going to be worried. Normally she'd be home by now. No, an hour ago. Dang.

He helped her onto the bike, fixing the helmet into place again. Then he swung on gracefully and kicked the throttle. She wondered how many times he'd done that. Thousands probably. He made it look so easy, like a panther leaping into a tree. Every move he made was clean and spare, without any added flourishes. She rested her cheek against the leather of his jacket, inhaling deeply. Her relief was palpable. He hadn't pushed her to stay out or go further than she wanted to. In fact, if anything, he'd left her wanting more.

They pulled up to her house, making her realize that he knew where she lived. Of course he did. He'd been having her followed, hadn't he? She bit her lip as he lifted her off the bike and undid the strap of her helmet for her. He ran his thumb over her lip this time, his eyes hooded with desire.

She closed her eyes, hoping he would kiss her again.

"Hi Devlin."

Kaylie jumped at her mothers voice but Devlin didn't move. She peeked up at her mother and was surprised to see a placid look on her face as she smiled benignly at the man who'd driven her home on his motorcycle.

"Good evening Mrs. Thomas."

He grinned and winked at Kaylie's shocked expression. He leaned down and placed a soft kiss by her ear.

"You didn't think I was going to take you riding without asking permission did you?"

Her mouth was open as he climbed back on his bike and rode away.

Her mother gestured her inside with a knowing grin.

"What did he-"

"What did he ask me?"

"Yes, and when?"

Her mother grinned and locked the door behind her.

"That's between him and I. Now off to bed. You have a long day tomorrow."

"I do?"

Her mother just smiled and kissed her goodnight.


Her mother shook her awake at 8 am. Every fiber of her being longed to stay in bed. She hadn't slept late in so long...

"What is it? Is everything okay?"

"Yes sweetheart. Devlin is picking you up soon."

That got her attention. She sat up.

"He is? What for? How soon?"

Her mother shrugged and said "About ten minutes. I'll let him tell you about it. But he said to wear something comfortable and bring a sweater. You'll be out all day."

Kaylie was on her feet in seconds, already in panic mode. Her mother turned back from the hallway before looking over her shoulder coyly.

"Don’t forget your bikini."


She ran after her laughing mother, swatting her bottom. Why did her mother know more about what her - she didn't know what to call Devlin, not yet anyway - but why did her mother get to know more than she did? She grinned suddenly, realizing he must have arranged all of this yesterday or even earlier. Asking her mother for permission was sweet… and unexpectedly old fashioned for a biker.

She felt warm inside at the thought. And if her mother approved… all the better.

It had been just the two of them for so long, ever since her father had passed away. Having someone else besides Mom looking out for her was nice. She was afraid to think about anything past that. Who knew what his intentions were really? But he was making her wonder if he was after more than just a summer fling. He did seem to be extremely prepared… and determined.

She ran into the bathroom and took the world's fastest shower, giddy with excitement. She slipped into her one bikini and pulled on a pair of cut off jean shorts and a white top with pink flowers covering it. She debated about what to do with her hair and decided to leave it down but to bring a clip so she could pull it back later. It would just get flattened by the helmet anyway. She stuffed a sweater, sunblock and lip gloss into a bag and was chugging a glass of orange juice when she heard the rumble of a bike outside.

He was here.

Devlin rode through the warm June morning toward Kaylie's house. He was pleased, despite everything that had gone down last night. The club was considering taking on new members and had hazed a few promising new prospects from the group that had applied. Things had gotten a little out of hand with one of the young guys and now they had a prospect in the hospital with third degree burns. Dave Fahey had been drinking heavily and dared the foolish kid to shoot flaming liquor out of his mouth. The kid would be alright- he'd even earned the club's respect by not screaming like a woman. But he’d have a pretty big scar and would be forever be known as whisky beard.