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Wanted By The Devil(9)

By:Joanna Blake

"Why me? It can't just be my-"

He grinned and raised an eyebrow.

"Your charms?"

She nodded sheepishly. Her charms were exceptional and certainly part of the reason he'd been drawn to her. But that wasn't why he'd first noticed her. In fact, he had started going to the diner because of Johnny.

"That's part of it. You are incredibly beautiful Kaylie."

She looked doubtful at that. He tried not to laugh again. His girl was sheer perfection. Beautiful but not vain, naturally sexy without any artifice or vulgarity. She deserved a real answer though, not flattery. He took a deep breath, hoping she wouldn't take this the wrong way.

"It started with Johnny."

"Johnny? The little boy who-"

He nodded. Johnny was mentally disabled. Sweet kid, industrious, even had a paper route. But he was special, and he'd had a hard time of it with the other kids making fun of him. The trouble was, he was just smart enough to know he was different. That was the hardest part.

"Johnny was always talking about this pretty girl who gave him an extra scoop of ice cream at Mae's. The kid loved going to that place. He even got a second job mowing lawns so he could afford to go in twice a week."

"He was a sweet boy. All I did was talk to him."

"It meant a lot to him Kaylie. So after he died I went in there to have his favorite. In his honor."

She smiled sadly.

"Banana split with extra nuts."

"Right. And then this stunningly beautiful girl walks over and takes my order. I couldn't believe there was an angel like you in this town. I knew I had to make you mine.”

“Me? You are joking right?”

“Do I seem like I’m joking?”

She stared up at him and he raised his eyebrow as he smiled at her. She blushed immediately which made him smile even wider.

“Unfortunately, you were a little too young for me. So I had to wait."

"I still don't understand. Did Johnny come around the clubhouse or something?"

"Yeah, he hung out there a lot. Johnny was my brother."

Her sweet little mouth dropped open and a look of concern replaced the disbelief that had been there a moment before.

"I'm so sorry Devlin. I didn't know. We were all so sad about what happened to him. Oh god-"

She stared at him, finally putting the pieces together. Johnny and his mother had died in a car accident. That meant...

"You lost your mother too… Oh god, I'm so sorry."

He smiled at her softly. He really appreciated her words of condolence. They meant something.

"Thank you."

"So that's why you came in every week?"

"I had to check up on you and see how you were doing. I kept hoping you'd give me an extra scoop of ice cream but you never did."

He looked so sad for a minute that she laughed. A serious look came over her face. It looked like the disbelief was back.

"You've been waiting this whole time? That was almost two years ago!"

He shook his head. He wasn't going to lie to her. She didn't need to know how many girls he'd had, or how many offers he'd turned down, including a couple of girls who'd wanted to fool around last night at the clubhouse after he'd dropped her off.

"I'm not a monk Kaylie. But I will be true to you."

She looked thoughtful for a minute. So she wasn’t going to raise a fuss about all the other women. And there had been a lot. That was a relief. There was no way to explain that away, even to an innocent like Kaylie.

"Okay. I will be true too."

He laughed and she slapped his shoulder.

"What's so funny?"

"Nobody would try it sweetheart, no matter how much they wanted to."

She blushed, clearly understanding what he was saying to her. Nobody messed with Devlin or his riders.

"Come on, let's get something to eat."


Kaylie licked the hot sauce off her fingers and leaned back on the blanket that had magically appeared for them. So had two full plates of food along with two frosty cold beer bottles. She was already getting used to that. All the little things the people in the club did for Devlin. It wasn't just the club members, it was the prospects, the girlfriends, the hanger ons. Even the older generations were represented and went out of their way for Devlin. It really was a family picnic. And they all looked up to him.

Devlin was beside her, nursing his beer. He had been sipping the same bottle for at least an hour. She knew it was for her benefit. He wouldn't drink and drive with her on the back of his bike.

Things were definitely going better since their talk. Kaylie was finally relaxing and just enjoying herself. She hadn't seen the blond girl anywhere either. Maybe she had been imagining the girl's animosity. She was probably just a hanger on after all. There were a lot of sexy looking girls hanging around who didn't seem attached to anyone. A few were oiling themselves up and laying out in the sun to tan, but it was obviously just a ploy to get one of the guys to notice them. It probably worked. They were putting on quite a display. Devlin never once looked over there though. He was a gentleman through and through underneath all that leather.