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When You Know It’s Real

By:KC Mills


“Nonie, look. Hustle Royalty is in the building.” My home girl Kizzie elbowed me in the ribs, totally fucking up my high.

I guess I should have been excited because if anybody from Hustle Royalty Crew was at one of our events, it meant that our shit was jumping. But I already knew that because our shit was always jumping. I also knew that HRC being present meant that Yosiah was somewhere around, and that was a problem I didn't need. You see, me and my girl, Kizzie, were what you called party planners. We threw functions for any and everybody, but on a low scale. We’re trying to take it to a higher scale, though.

Don’t get me wrong, hood parties were the shit, and banging as always, but we both wanted more than to host for the area ballers and bosses. For now, the money was good, and we had hood celebrity status, so life was cool. We were paid, and I really couldn't complain. Well not about my financial status. Now, my personal life was an entirely different story.

“Nonie! Damn hoe, did you hear me?”

Kizzie’s annoying ass high pitched voice forced me to open my eyes and look at her. We were currently leaning against the wall of the club that Johns had rented to throw his girl, Rena, a party for her twenty-first birthday. The price tag for this event was forty-two grand, plus our payment of fifteen grand right off the top. The typical rate for us should really be no more than 20% of the budget, but when you’re dealing with people who are hood rich and you’re making them happy, they tend to get real generous.

Johns didn't care, he had it to spend. Fifty-seven grand, not including all the shit he purchased for her, which included the brand new customized Range sitting out front with a lavender bow on it was a drop in the bucket. The funny shit was that he had also paid us to do the same thing in a neighboring city for one of his other women a few months back. Johns wasn't shit, but his women didn't care because a stack was a stack, and if you were associated with Johns, then you had plenty of them to spare.

“I hear you, Kiz. You know I don't give two fucks about anybody from HRC, so why you blowing my high to bring that to my attention? I wasn't really a smoker, but tonight I needed something to get me through. Johns was a pain in the ass, and I knew for sure that Siah was going to be at the party, so I got an early start. I wanted to make sure I had no worries by the time he finally showed his face.

Kizzie’s eyes were immediately on me as her lips moved to the side and she sucked her teeth. “Girl, tell that damn lie to a priest because he ’bout the only one who will believe it. You may not care about anybody in HRC, but you care about somebody in HRC, and that somebody is standing over there eye fucking your lying ass as we speak.”

What should have been the whites of my eyes, which I was sure were currently cherry red due to all the kush I had smoked, immediately showed as they rolled back in my head. I knew without question who Kizzie was talking about, and sure enough, when I looked up, our eyes met. Siah’s sexy ass let his tongue move across his bottom lip as a smirk spread across his face when he realized he finally had my attention. The trick on his lap had her back to me as she moved her hands up and down his chest, but she was too damn stupid to realize that he was lusting over me. That made me chuckle as I shot him a bird. Of course, his smile grew wider.

The sight of him annoyed me and turned me on at the same time. I hated that he did that to me, so I pulled my body from the wall slowly, being mindful of my balance. The heels on my feet and the Kush I had smoked had me barely able to stand, but I was determined to get as far away from Siah as I could.

“If you don't care, then why you running, Nonie?” Kizzie was right behind me as I made my way to the bar.

I really wanted to snap on her annoying ass because she was right. I did care, but it didn't matter. Yosiah and I were what we were, and that was complicated and unexplainable.

“Man, Kizzie, shut the fuck up with that. I’m not running, I just need a drink.”

I held my hand up as we approached the bar and waited. Kizzie leaned her back against the bar so she could have a clear view of me and the club, while I sat with my back to Siah so I didn't have to look at him with someone else.

“Hoe, please. Siah got your panties wet and you know it. Y'all be on some ignorant shit. You mad at him because he fucking with other hoes, he mad at you cause you fucking with other niggas, but then y'all dumb asses won't just stop with all the bullshit and get together. I don't get it, Nonie.”

“That’s because there isn't nothing to get. He can do him and I can do me.”

“Yep,” was all Kizzie said, but the smug grin on her face said a hell of a lot more than that.