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Wild Ride(The Soldiers of Wrath MC, 7)

By:Sam Crescent & Jenika Snow

Wild Ride

The Soldiers of Wrath MC, 7

Sam Crescent

Jenika Snow


Vengeance stared down at the club whore who was sucking on his dick like it was her favorite lollipop. He couldn’t remember her name, and nor did he give a shit about it. All he was interested in was blowing his load right down her throat and watching as she swallowed.

“Now that is a beautiful sight,” Weasel said, entering the room.

“Her mouth is the best.” Vengeance groaned as the bitch swallowed him. He was only thinking about the feeling. As shitty as it was, she was a vessel for him to release in. Even as she was gagging she didn’t try to get away, and he just knew she was trying way too hard to impress him.

He wasn’t impressed.

His rock-hard cock started to deflate, and even Weasel took pity on him.

“Babe, he’s not interested,” Weasel said, slapping her ass. “Go and find another brother to swallow whole.”

She pouted but didn’t argue, which he was relieved about. The last thing he wanted to deal with was a moaning bitch who thought she could get what she wanted.


“No biggie. You looked done with it.”

“I was in the zone, and then as quick as fuck, I was out of it. What is it about these females that I cannot stand?” he asked.

“You’ve been spending way too much time with the old ladies, that’s what.”

Vengeance shook his head. “Nah, that’s not it at all. I don’t care what they have to say. I’m not interested in that kind of shit. You know that.”

Weasel sat down on the bed, grabbing an old porn mag and flicking through it. In the meantime, Vengeance pushed his dick back into his pants and sighed. This shit wasn’t working for him.

“I didn’t say you wanted to settle down and have an old lady of your own. The sluts just don’t do it for you. Let’s face it. Half of them want shit that you’re really not interested in giving them,” Weasel said. “We’ve seen what the good women are like.”

“There’s nothing wrong with the bitches.”

“I know, but they’re not the like the old ladies. Face it, Vengeance, that woman will have a cock balls deep inside her pussy in no time. For fuck sake, she’d be begging for the men to train her, banging her until she can’t even feel shit down there anymore.”

“What’s your point?” Vengeance asked.

“Just once wouldn’t you want a woman who you don’t know has been with thousands of other dicks before you? It’s not a big deal, I get it, and a woman is entitled to screw as many men as they want. But, some women like their men to be devoted to them. You know, not to be thinking about another woman they fucked a few years ago.”

Weasel kept on talking.

In the back of Vengeance’s mind, he had been thinking about it a lot lately. More than a lot. It was constantly on his mind. Watching the couples that had gotten together. It meant something to them, or at least, it had meaning to them.

He’d never known a woman who could settle down with him. He was a hard ass who liked living in his own way. He didn’t give a shit about anything or anyone. The club was all that mattered, and for the past thirty-plus years, it had always been that way.

Now, however, shit was changing.

He was getting old. It had to be the main reason that life just seemed … dull. Screwing club pussy held no appeal.

“You got a woman or something?” he asked.

“Or something?” Weasel chuckled. “Dude, I don’t have shit but the club and the whores that are willing to suck my dick. I mean, who in their right mind would turn down a woman who would suck cock like she’s afraid it’ll disappear?” Weasel stood up and made his way to the door.

“Why the fuck did you come in here?” Vengeance asked.

“To screw with your head, brother. It’s what I love to do.” Weasel gave him a wink and then left.


Moving toward the window overlooking the clubhouse parking lot, Vengeance saw several club whores in different stages of undress. There was a bonfire off in the corner, and several of the guys were hanging around. There were the ones that liked to party but brought nothing in the way of fun. They simply turned up for the free booze and free pussy.

There was a time he would have lived for this shit.

When had life stopped being fun?

It was dark out by the bonfire, but the security lights were more than enough to light the grounds. The Soldiers of Wrath Clubhouse. His home, and his very life. He would give everything for his Prez. Even step in front of a bullet for him if he had to. Demon was one hell of a leader, fierce and loyal.