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Withstanding Me

By´╝ÜCrystal D. Spears

Chapter One


It’s been two fuckin weeks since Mira stopped by the damn clubhouse wanting to talk to my daughter. What gives her the fucking right? She left me to raise a child at the age of thirteen, and eighteen years later, she thinks she can magically return into Tatiana’s life? Yeah, that’s right; I’m a thirty-one year old man with an eighteen-year-old daughter. Judge me bitches. I don’t give a shit. I admit I’m sitting at Club Sated and getting wasted off my ass over this shit. Why am I here, and not at Breakneck? Well, there’s plenty of naked pussy around, and when any man is upset and feeling down, he wants to be around pussy. Don’t let any of them lie to you. But there’s this one bitch here that I want and for the first time in my life, a bitch doesn’t want me back. I don’t see what the big deal is. I just wanna take her home and fuck the shit outta her. Hell, we don’t even have to leave the club. I can fuck her right here. I’m sure Winter and Braxxon wouldn’t give a shit, but then again, they just might because the bitch my cock is aching for is their manager Storm. And shit do I wanna ride that Storm.

Storm is just another piece of ass, but for some reason, something about this woman fascinates me. She’s a fucking young buck too. She’s Winter’s age, only twenty-two. That’s literally only four years older than my own daughter is. You would think that alone would detour my cock, but it doesn’t.

I’m twirling my shot glass in between my fingers as I watch Storm work. For someone who was once a junkie and basically trafficked when we found her, you would think she would be broken down and hiding in a fucking hole or something. But these women around here are all strong. Hell, Winter was kidnapped and fucking raped, and she’s now my club President’s fiancé’.

Dammit does Storm look good. Winter took her out to celebrate her a promotion, and she had her already blonde hair brightened, had black tips added to her ends and through her bangs, and had her hair shaped, whatever the fuck that means. Her hair is now in layers and her bangs swooped over to the side. She’s way hotter than the Storm from that damn comic book. And that little diamond in her nose is just begging me to flick my tongue at it. Fuck, I need to get laid.

“Another shot, ZZ?” Piper asks, stopping at me and standing on the other side of the bar.

“Yeah, darlin,” I hand her my shot glass and light up a smoke. Piper was another one of the girls that we found. The club was helping rehabilitate three of them, but Haley, the pregnant third one, was killed. God rest her and her unborn child’s soul. Piper is mainly a bartender, but when she’s feeling frisky, she gets up on stage. Storm and Piper get to do pretty much anything they want because they respect the club and they respect Winter. They love her, so that makes both of them untouchable. Fuck with them and you fuck with the rest of us.

“Here you go,” Piper says putting two more shots in front of me.

“I ain’t drunk enough for you, sugar,” I say with a smirk.

“Oh baby, but you are. You’re just not drunk enough to get served up another hot platter of rejection yet again. I’m doing you a favor.”


“Piper you and that smart mouth,” I grumble throwing my shots back. She’s really come out of her shell these last two weeks.

“What can I say? I’m feeling like my old self,” she smirks walking away from me.

It’s time to face the Storm. I can fucking do this. How hard is it to get a bitch to fuck you? I just wanna get a taste, and I pray that it’s enough for me to move the hell on. I can have any pussy I want except for that one. I’m not a bad looking dude for fucks sakes. Hell, I’m muscular, and stand at 6’3’’. I’m hung with a huge cock laced with a Jacobs’s ladder. I mean shit; my brown eyes have been referred to as a chocolate ocean; my chestnut brown hair is just the right length, and messy enough for bitches to comb and ram their fingers through it while we fuck. I strut towards her, and when she looks up, her blue eyes smile at me. Yeah baby, keep smiling like that.

“Storm,” I greet her in my huskiest voice. She’s the only one who hasn’t dropped at my damn feet when I use that tone. Drives me fucking crazy.

“ZZ,” she greets back jutting out her lip and blowing her bangs outta her eyes. Shit that’s sexy, and my balls tighten even more.

I lean against the end of the bar, crossing my legs and arms. Her fingers tighten on the clipboard in her hands. Yeah sugar, keep on telling me no. It’s not gonna last much longer.

“Zig Zag, I’m busy. Can we do this another time?”