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beautifully broken(3)

By:portia moore

“Maybe,” I tell her as I watch her hand slide down my arm and land on my Cartier watch, her finger lingering over it and I immediately know this girl is looking for a cash out, not fun, and I don’t play with her type.

“She got canned today. She spilled two thousand dollars’ worth of champagne,” she says with a gleeful smile on her face.

What the hell, Tori?

I liked that she walked on the wild side of life but there’s nothing sexy about getting wasted. It takes you off your game, makes you a different person and I have enough quirks in that area. Needless to say, it was irritating that she always wanted to get shit faced. Tipsy girls are cute. Drunk off your ass is fucking disgusting. There’s nothing attractive about it.

I’m not the type to hold a girl's hair up while she pukes.

“Don’t look so sad. I can keep you company tonight,” she purrs in my ear. Not interested. I forgot this girl’s name but I’m pretty sure she was Tori’s friend and nothing's more of a turn off than disloyalty.

“I’m going to go get a drink,” I say, pushing her hand out of my way and heading to the bar. There are too many other prospects in here. If I want to take someone home tonight, it wouldn’t be a money-hungry backstabber. The bar on the main floor is livelier than in VIP. I push my way through the crowd, a few women catching my eye. I don’t want a drink but the bar is the place to be so that’s where I am. Tori’s friend squeezes beside me. She shoots me a flirtatious grin. She either didn’t take the hint or is desperate.

“How fucking long does it take to get a shot?” an already drunk guy next to me shouts loud enough to be heard over the music. There’s other grumblings from people around me. It looks like they’re backed up.

“Steven’s out sick,” the girl whose name I forgot says, leaning into me before her hand roams up my thigh. If she keeps it up I might just let her give me a blow job before sending her on her way.

“The owner has waitresses covering,” she adds. I shrug and turn my body away from her. She’s starting to annoy the fuck out of me besides the fact that she’s blocking other girls from being all over me. I need to find someone to make her get lost quick. I start to head from the bar but, as I do, the girl behind the bar catches my eye. She more than catches it because I have to double-back to reclaim the space I just lost at the bar.

Who the hell is she?

“I’m so sorry for the wait, everyone. Please be patient with us.” Her voice is light and airy and her smile makes my heart skip a beat. She is sexy as hell. Creamy white skin, long dark wavy hair, and she has a cute tight little body. She’s short too and I always had a thing for short girls. ‘Fun sized.’ Not only is she sexy, she’s fucking gorgeous. Most girls are either one or the other but she’s both. With mesmerizing brown eyes, big and bright ones that make her look innocent. She’s only in front of me a few seconds, apologizing to everyone again before she goes to the other end of the bar and does the same. My eyes follow her. Her face is clean. She’s not wearing pounds of make up like most of the other girls in the club. She has perfectly plump lips and on her feet, my favorite shoes on a woman, ‘come fuck me pumps.’

“She’s taken,” Whatshername says in my ear. Too bad. There’s too many single chicks in the world to bark up that tree, but I decide to play around, just to make Whatserface jealous. Since she won’t leave me alone, I might as well have a little fun.

“That’s not really a problem,” I taunt her and her face frowns up.

“She’s not like that,” she says defensively.

“Really?” I say unfazed.

“No really. She’s not, she’s all into the other bartender that works here. She doesn’t talk to any other guys, not even to flirt for tips,” she counters with a satisfied grin on her face. Beautiful and loyal…hmmm.

It’s been a while since a girl seemed unattainable and that piques my curiosity. It doesn’t take more than a smile, a little attention and a few shots and Whatsername has given me all the details I want.

Lauren, I like that name, is dating a dude named Michael. I had seen him before at the club. Typical pretty-boy douchebag. The frat boy type, screwing anything that walks. I don’t know this girl but seeing any beautiful loyal woman attached to some ass wipe that does any chick he could think of ticked me off. This time, it irks me more than it should.

My first impression is right. He’s a creep if I ever saw one. The type of dude that makes a girl fall for him, traps her in a dead end crappy one-sided relationship, screwing anything that moves, but telling his girlfriend he loves her every chance he gets.