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the Billionaire’s Secret Desire

By:Lietha Wards

the Billionaire’s Secret Desire

Lietha Wards


Lily laughed at something David said as her eyes slid past

his shoulder at the polished dark green Jaguar that slid up next

to the curb and she groaned. She was never one on attracting

attention but there would be plenty with that car. If it wasn‘t the

car that attracted the attention, as soon as the six foot four

Irishman got out, heads really began to turn.

Maximilian King had everything going for him. Besides

being disgustingly rich, he was handsome, sexy and gave off such

a seductive presence that every woman within eyesight swivelled

their heads in his direction as if some unseen force called to


Just like her.

She hated herself for it because she fell so easily in that

trap. Yet watching him now, she really shouldn‘t be so hard on

herself. He was utterly gorgeous to look at and she was more

susceptible to his magnetism because she had known him

forever. You‘d think she would have built up some sort of

immunity over a period of time. Isn‘t that what happened when

exposed to something over and over again? Yet, the more she

thought about it, the more she knew there was no such cure for

what she had.

It wasn‘t just women that fell at his feet. Men were

attracted to his charisma like a magnet because he wore his

success like a neon sign. Most successful people were easily

recognized by the cut and cost of their suits, but Max didn‘t need

that, he had a certain poise and self confidence that told others

that even if he were dressed in a sack.

To prove her point David noticed him immediately after

he followed her gaze to the car.

―What is it?‖ He said

turning his head, ―Wow, nice car.‖ He paused, ―Is he looking at



Lietha Wards

―Yes, he‘s my brother‘s boss and apparently my ride

home.‖ Obviously Luke couldn‘t make it and Max took it upon

himself to pick her up. David released a startled ‗wow‘ when he

spotted Max. Lily knew right then and there that David

recognized him. Who wouldn‘t? Maximilian King was no

stranger around here. The library of the college she attended was

named after his family and there was a framed picture of them

near the entrance. His father was filthy rich and Max had

followed in his footsteps setting up his own fortune five hundred

company that had created cutting edge communication devices

and he was known to have the Midas touch in everything he

invested in.

Her brother, Luke and he had gone to high school, college

and eventually university together. Max got a MBA and her

brother received a degree in finance and now ran Max‘s top

communications company as his number one man.

She frowned as a young lady stopped and said something

to him causing him to grin at her.

Wasn‘t any female resistant to his charisma?

She fumed as the she giggled and went on her way, but

not without a flirtatious wave of her fingers. Maybe she wouldn‘t

be so angry if he had flashed her that sinful grin every now and

then. Instead she only got the smiles that were reserved for the

little sister of a good friend.

―Your brother works for him? That‘s Max King, isn‘t it?

Wow he‘s much taller than I thought.‖ David saw with apparent


She shrugged and guided her eyes to David‘s face that was

now filled with wonder, ―Yes it is.‖ And sexy, gorgeous and heart

stopping, she thought to herself, nothing like the man standing

in front of me. David wasn‘t ugly by any means, but he was no

Max King.

Though she really couldn‘t fault David, not many men were


The Billionaire‘s Secret Desire

gifted like Max was. At least in her eyes.

―Wow.‖ He said again. ―You never said anything.‖

Annoyed, Lily tilted her head at him, ―It wasn‘t

important.‖ Already she could see the interest in David‘s eyes at

the prospect of getting to know Max so he would hopefully have a

job for the summer as an intern. She felt a sinking in the pit of

her stomach knowing that he was already lost to her. If anyone

had Max‘s name on their resume they were guaranteed a job


Somehow she was hoping he was different. All her life it

was the same story. Just because they were friends with the

Kings, people pretended to like them in hopes of getting close to

the money.

―Of course not.‖ David brought his attention back to her

realizing his mistake and trying to recover, ―I just didn‘t realize

that you had such wealthy friends.‖

―He‘s my brother‘s boss, that‘s all.‖ She lied sparing a

glance at the arrogantly handsome tall man who was now leaning

against his car waiting patiently for her. He was in a totally